I want to be the queen.

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Artist: Marina And The Diamonds
Track: How To Be A Heartbreaker (Acoustic Version)

Marina And The Diamonds // How To Be A Heartbreaker (Acoustic Version) 

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Jamie Chung & Hannah Simone at the GUESS Hotel 2014 Coachella Pool Party.

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you were smart to call me. now just sit back, relax and let a professional take over.

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agents of shield: a serious show about serious agents going on serious missions together

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do your old fandoms ever just come back to you, and you remember how much you love one character, and your just like “I forgot about you for a while but I’m back and I love you to my beautiful baby.”

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"Ah, the trinity. Very good."

                                                     "Hard to beat."

"But not impossible."

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i’ve stopped trash talking comic sans after learning the font is actually one of the only dyslexia-friendly fonts that come standard with most computers and i advocate for others doing the same


villains with tragic backstories